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Gigi Agostinelli

I am 53 years old and I started my fitness journey on December 2014 when I took a good look in the mirror and told myself I was not going to let myself go down that road. Growing up I was always active. As a young girl I always took dance classes, a cheerleader in High School and I was in a dance company in college. I never really thought of nutrition and working out a big part of my life. As we all know our metabolism changes as we get older. Being a busy mom, house wife and working full time making time for myself was not my first priority. Always making excuses that I didn’t have time. You know just where I am coming from right? I know we have all been there or maybe still are. I remember the day I decided to change my life around like if it was yesterday. That day I told myself that I was going to come first. I need to get back to my happy place again. I knew I was not happy with who I was becoming and that was making it hard for everyone else around me. That day I remember telling my husband how I felt and I was going to make a change. He has always been very supportive and he said go for it my love, but I heard it in his voice that he didn’t think it was going to last and that made me even want it more. I was determined not to fail. That was the day that changed my life around and I will never ever look back. It has been the best choice I have ever made. I knew in order for me to stick to my goals I had to have a plan a goal that I had to work for. I knew I needed someone to keep me motivated and I needed to be around people with my same goals so I reached out to my wonderful friend for over 10 years Lindsay Messina (Bergman) now married and also a mom of 2 beautiful girls. She had a group called the Fitness Divas so I called her and asked her for help. She told me about a photoshoot contest she was starting and I joined. In my mind I didn’t think I had a chance competing with everyone else so much younger than me but this was going to push my limits. Long story short I won and this is how I met the amazing Noel Daganta, now editor and Chief at Fitness and Exercise Magazine. This photoshoot has changed my life and being part of a virtual fitness family has change my life completely Now my goal in life is to also help other busy women do the same thing. No matter what your lifestyle is you can do this. Nothing makes me happier than to see others achieve their goals. Whether it is to feel happier, learn to eat healthy, lose weight, gain weight, maintain or just be part of an amazing team that will keep you accountable and inspired. These amazing women is what keeps me going. We are family No matter what it is in life you want to achieve, all you have to do is believe in yourself and never quit! You can always reach me at: Instagram: @gigiagostinelli Facebook: Email: I hope my story has inspired you because you are worth it. You only have one life, so make it your best life.

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