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A Man Creating His Path

Kieran Huisman Height: 1.72m Age: 25 Date of Birth: 17/05/1993 Occupation: Coach @QuickFit Gym Instagram: kieranhuismanfit Email:

I am a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and qualified Chef based in Melbourne, Australia.

Being born in Hong Kong - one of the world’s biggest economic capitals, it was not easy to discover my passion in my youth. I was constantly switching from one sport to another, at some point I was playing the piano and became a piano tutor. But there was something missing I was still in search for that one thing I was passionate about in life.

I was not doing academically well like my peers. At the age of eighteen, I failed at my college entrance exam, feeling lost and frustrated, I decided to moved to Australia in search of something different. This was also the year I discovered gym training and I bought my first dumbbell set from my local department store.

Back in the day, I was lucky enough to have started my fitness road at a good timing because YouTube fitness channels started to boom at the time. I was browsing information on training and nutrition on the internet on a daily basis. This whole fitness thing got me really interested because this is an element you can read about, learn about and physically implement in your body and soul.

It was not easy moving to Australia as an eighteen-year-old. I could barely speak proper English, working three underpaid jobs at a time, and in between I was studying a Chef qualification in order to get qualified for a visa sponsorship.

One I graduated from cookery school, I found a job in a rural area which offered to sponsor me to become an Australian residence, the agreement on the contract was that I would have to sign a long-term contract - so I did it and I kick started my night shift once I jumped off the place.

It was a tough condition working and living in a rainforest doing 12-16-hour work days, hanging around with a bunch of negative people who moved up there because they tried to escape from the real society. The only entertainment we had outside of work in that “shutter mountain” was drinking alcohol and regular staff parties almost every night. As a young guy from overseas who just moved to a new environment, I was curious and lost. So I fell for it.

And of course, I dropped off my fitness, training and nutrition. I was addicted to alcohol and was barely eating almost every day.

It was not long before my work contract finished I bumped into Sonny Brown in Burleigh on the Gold Coast. It was one of my usual days off on the beach when I could escape from the mountain. I was training at a gym there, but as anyone could imagine, I one of those non-regular gym member and I was doing a couple of sets at the gym. I saw Sonny at a cafe and he introduced himself, explained to me about the super food he was eating and told me that I was in shape. Despite the negative relationships and energy I was being around with at the time, I felt great being told I was still in shape.

When my work contract finished and settled my residency in Australia, I quitted my job and got back to training hard trying to bring back my health and fitness. I packed my bags and moved to Far North Queensland, where my sister was residing at the time. I was working for a chef agency part time and started studying my Personal Training course and I started developing the habit of training at the gym five days a week.

One day a thought came up in my mind - I could share my life experience, knowledge and passion to help many other people and turn fitness into my business. But how? I needed to WORK EVEN HARDER. So I connected with Sonny to learn more about training, nutrition and what it takes to become a fitness professional. I completed my course in Personal Training last year. I started working with Sonny, him as a coach, mentor and my good friend.

And I never looked back.

This year, I launched my fitness brand: Kieran Huisman Fitness in Melbourne.

My business model is based off helping people with the willingness to make a change in their health and fitness lifestyle. Because I see fitness as a form of lifestyle rather than a short-term challenge like most marketed in the industry.

My current client base consists of individuals with goals in and around fitness - from people aiming to achieve weight loss, general fitness, strength and conditioning to professional Rally Racing athlete. I love implementing my knowledge in nutrition, diet and cooking to help my clients stick with their daily nutrition protocol. My Meal Plan Workshop is a cooking workshop showing how to prepare healthy food the fun, tasty and cost-effective way.

On top of sharing my passion with my local clients, I recently launched my online training platform which allows me to connect with many like-minded clients from overseas, predominately Asia Pacific.

It has been a rewarding and powerful experience seeing how one could unlock potential physically and mentally. I am grateful seeing my energy, hard work and vibration are now connecting with many other like-minded people.

Sometimes I still could not believe that the guy who was struggling with fitting in to a western country, struggling with speaking the language, working three jobs at a time, hustling as a new migrant is now helping many others through his truest passion.

No matter what we do, it will never be an easy choice to do something we are passionate about. Not everyone is going to be supportive, not every day is going to be smooth and easy. However, we must defy the odds and do the work - if we can consistently put in that 150% effort to work towards what we want, nothing is impossible.

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