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Inspiring Beauty Kendall Pasley

Growing up I was always very active. I played just about every sport from basketball, tennis, swimming, karate, soccer, horseback riding, and ran cross-country. When I was fifteen, I became an advocate for what I called F.I.T., Fitness Importance for Teens. After losing my grandfather to heart disease, it became my passion to bring awareness of preventing this disease through proper nutrition and exercise. This is what inspired me to get my Personal Training Certification through AAAI in 2016. This cause is so important to me that I still volunteer and work closely with The American Heart Association and The Children’s Miracle Network.

A healthy lifestyle continued through college and I became a competitive wake boarder/wake surfer, model, and recently competed in my first NPC bikini competition taking fourth place. In May of 2018 I signed on as an athlete for Optimum Nutrition. I recently had the opportunity to travel with them to the Arnold 2018 and am looking forward to attending the Olympia with ON as well. I love being able to work with a company that I have stood behind for so long. The sense of community is wonderful and I could not be more excited to be a part of the ON family!

I continue to lead by example by staying fit and focusing on healthy eating. Being fit for swimsuit competition helped me become Miss Nashville. I am honored to work with civic groups, schools, and young adults teaching and helping them achieve their fitness goals. When I competed at The Miss Tennessee Pageant, I placed in the Top 10!

Last May, I graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and have recently been working with Better Bodies in Dallas, Texas doing their social media and also growing my own brand and social media as well. I have loved getting to work in the fitness industry and grow my business on the side. 

I currently do online personal training and work mostly with dedicated and motivated individuals who are trying to live a healthy and balanced life.

My main goal is to help motivate and inspire others to reach their life and fitness goals. It has become a passion and I can not wait to see what the future holds.

Kendall Pasley

Instagram: @kendallpasleyfit

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